MCI-WS07: Workshop on Virtual and Augmented Reality in Everyday Context (VARECo)

Organisation: Weyers, Benjamin (1); Zielasko, Daniel (2); Kulik, Alexander (3); Langbehn, Eike (4); Funk, Markus (5)
Affiliations: 1: Universität Trier; 2: RWTH Aachen University; 3: Universität Weimar; 4: Universität Hamburg; 5: Universität Darmstadt


Ort/Raum: Hauptgebäude Hörsaal K
Datum/Uhrzeit: Sonntag, 08.09.2019: 9:00 – 17:30

The workshop is meant as a forum for researchers and practitioners interested in the investigation of open questions in the use of VR and AR technology in everyday context. The workshop aims at the presentation and discussion of current results and research questions in this context. The workshop is comprised of a paper session for the presentation of current and ongoing work as well as an interactive session, in which open research questions in this addressed context will be identified and discusse