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MCI-WS10: Emotions in the Age of Automated Driving - Developing Use Cases for Empathic Cars
Sonntag, 08.09.2019:
14:00 - 17:30

Ort: Ost Seminarraum 233
Ost, Seminarraum 233, (loses Gestühl), Kapazität 18

Zusammenfassung der Sitzung

Improving user experience of highly automated vehicles is key to increase their acceptance. One possibility to
realize this is the design of empathic cars that are capable of assessing the emotional state of vehicle
occupants and react to it accordingly by providing tailored support. At the moment, the central challenge is to
derive relevant use cases as basis for the design of future empathic cars. Therefore, we propose a workshop
that aims to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in affective computing, affective interfaces
and automated driving as forum for the development of a roadmap towards empathic vehicles using design
thinking methods. During the workshop, we will gain a common understanding of the central concepts and
listen to impulse talks about current and recent projects on emotions during automated driving. Based on this,
relevant use cases are generated in group work and discussed with the goal to identify potential research and
knowledge gaps. Finally, a road map for research towards the realization of automated empathic cars is
formulated from the results.

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